Homeopathy is a complementary medicine, which uses non-toxic medications to address health problems.

Homeopathy relies on the concept, or on the principle called ‘Law of Similars’ which allows patients to ingest diluted substances, which would trigger the body’s natural healing process. The remedies used in homeopathy are prepared through a process called potentization, which involves dilutions that follow strict guidelines.

Homeopathy can help with various diseases from fevers and simple sore throats, to major health problems like eczema, hay fever, IBS, weak immune system and mild depression. For example, with hay fever it is best to start treatment in the winter before the symptoms start. In the spring there are remedies to help the specific symptoms. Anxiety, stress, feelings of loss, lack of confidence, and emotional problems can be treated. Physically, most aspects of health can be helped using remedies and nutrition.

With homeopathy, each person is unique. Treatments take into consideration the whole person; physical and emotional, and a detailed account will be taken before prescribing a remedy. Homeopathy uses natural ingredients, is easy to use, affordable, and can be used with other forms of medication.

First session, including remedies £60.00.
Follow up appointments £45.00