Member of the British Institute and Assocation of Electrolysis

Electrolysis is the only method of hair removal approved by the British Medical Association, it is the only treatment to achieve permanent eradication of unwanted hair.

During treatment a very fine disposable probe is inserted into the hair follicle, the skin is not pierced, and electric current is then released, causing heat to destroy the lower part of the follicle. Blood is unable to feed the hair growth, the hair is no longer able to grow.

Individually packed sterile disposable probes are used to eliminate any risk of cross infection, a brand new probe is used for each treatment session.

Most parts of the body can be treated, common areas for women are face, breasts, abdomen and bikini. For men the common areas are upper arms, top of the nose, top of the back and around the edges of the beard, where ingrowing hairs are a problem. Transgender/transsexual females often require full beard removal.

Electrolysis for Transgender/Transsexual clients

The White House is a transgender/transsexual friendly clinic, with experience of facial hair removal for transgender/transsexual clients. It also offers client privacy.

Free consultation & 5 minute tester session.

Minimum fee £16
10 mins £16.00
15 mins £19.00
20 mins £22.00
30 mins £28.00
60 mins £45.00

Advanced Electrolysis

Treatment of Broken Capillaries, Spider Naevi, Blood Spots, Milia, Skin Tags, Warts and Seborrhoeic Warts using the electrolysis method. Broken veins become invisible, lesions will be reduced and disappear.

Treatment of capillaries must be given on a day you can relax to keep circulation low.

Consultation only £28.00
Consultation including cost of the first treatment £45.00

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